Flushed Color - UV Flush

AArbor UV Flush is formulated using unique resin/vehicle systems that will meet the demands of high speed and high gloss when properly formulated into an ink system, whose substrate can be all kinds of paper(including adhesive/gold/silver/hologram/composite paper etc.), and PVC/PET/PE/PP plastic films.
AAMX Yellow - YU500
Pigment Yellow 13*
Diarylide Orange 34 - OU340
Pigment Orange 34
Lithol Rubine 57:1 - RU500
Pigment Red 57:1
Naphthol Red 268 - RU268
Pigment Red 268
UV Alkali Blue 61 - BU610
Chemical Mixture
Carbazole Violet 23 - VU230
Pigment Violet 23
Carbon Black 7 - KU500
Pigment Black 7
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